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Pinoy Movie Manila Boy (1993)

Director: Arturo San Agustin
Writer: Eddie Joson (screenplay)
Stars: Robin Padilla, Aurora Sevilla, Tony Ferrer
Genres: Action | Crime
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 15 July 1993 (Philippines)
Production Co: Pioneer Films

This is a story about Diego (Robin Padilla), a wacky provincial man from Zambales to find a job for works to Manila with Mang Berto (Berting Labra) and finding Mang Berto's long time friend Sibuboy (Val Iglesia) to met Diego for helping him and he likes to willingly work with Sibuboy as his business partner. Suddenly Mang Berto escapes when the cops captured Diego and Sibuboy as a gun runners. Then Ragoy (Romy Diaz) and his men prepares for released Diego and Sibuboy to out of jail and applied for a works to a millionaire kingpin Señor Escudero (Tony Ferrer) as their big boss and hunts against his enemies about the drug smuggling, sex trafficking, hoodlum in roads, and illegal gambling for Señor Escudero's businesses and Gonzalo (Paquito Diaz) taking care of Señor Escudero's decision. Diego remains his alias and become a hitman as Manila Boy.
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